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Our Photo Colour Correction Service is one of the more important processes a photo needs to go through. We will Improve Overall Brightness, Adjust White balance, Contrast Adjustment, Exposure Correction, Sharpness Correction, Image Cropping, Image Straightening, Colour balancing, Noise Reduction, Saturation Adjustment, Unique Colour Grading, these processes can restore what the original colours were supposed to be plus much more. Bad lighting and numerous other factors cause skin tones to look off coloured but Photo Colour Correction editing will bring out skin tones and clothing to display there true original colours.

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Our Photo Colour Correction Service can also be used to deliberately isolate and change the colour of peoples features (Eg: turn blue eyes green), or objects in photos to another colour you may desire. We can also use professional Highlighting And Colouring Techniques with our vast range of in-house professional photographic filters, which can add a unique look colour grade to a photo or set of photos you have. A typical example of this would be making your set of wedding photos look dreamy. We can transform your image into any type of look or feel you can think of.

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