Retouching Central Terms & Conditions/Disclaimer

  1. As advertised from time to time, (“the Services”), to the purchaser, (“You”, “Your”), via our website www.retouchingcentral.com (“the Site”).

  2. We reserve the right to amend our terms and conditions at our discretion periodically. Such amendments shall come into force 7 days after they have first been published on this Site.

  3. These terms and conditions and the contents of any Order purchased by you comprise the whole agreement between you and us (Retouching Central) in relation to each Order that we accept from you (The purchaser) to the exclusion of all other terms.

  4. By browsing the Site, creating an account or submitting an Order You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  5. Retouching Central shall not be responsible for any errors made by the client.

  6. Retouching Central shall be entitled to assume that any person placing an order or on behalf of the Client is authorized to do so.

  7. Retouching Central reserves the right in its absolute discretion to refuse to accept any order placed by the purchaser, (“You”, “Your”) via our website www.retouchingcentral.com (“the Site”).

  8. Retouching Central reserves, the right to dispose of digital data files after digital delivery or printing after 7 days, unless agreed otherwise with the Client. Accordingly, the Client shall be solely responsible for ensuring that it holds adequate backup copies of all digital data received from our website www.retouchingcentral.com (“the Site”).

  9. You agree that all billing/shipping information that you submit is accurate. You agree that you have reviewed your billing/shipping information and that you deem it accurate at the time of purchase.

  10. You agree to read the terms and conditions carefully before using Retouching Central. Continued use of our website www.retouchingcentral.com (“the Site”) indicates your acceptance of such terms and conditions.

  11. You agree that you will not submit images to Retouching Central for which you do not own the copyright or have permission obtained from the copyright holder.

  12. By submitting images for digital retouching services via our website, you grant permission for Retouching Central employees, you grant Retouching Central the right to edit, produce, modify, display, any communication or images received through the use of Retouching Central solely for the purpose of fulfilling your purchased order.

  13. You agree that you have no more than three opportunities to re-edit any order you purchase on Retouching Central, strictly for the purpose of completing your order to your satisfaction.

  14. You agree that our staff will spend time working on your images immediately after you make your purchase.  Once the work has commenced we feel that these are working hours that cannot be recompensed, so, for this reason, we don’t offer refunds on our photo retouching services but we won’t leave you with retouched images you’re unhappy with.  We offer all clients a reasonable amount of requests to have us re-edit their retouched images in the unfortunate case that you’re unhappy with the initial retouched images you receive.  However, we do offer full refunds on our ‘Customised Merchandise’ products if the product you receive is unsatisfactory or damaged in the post.