Why are Retouching Central's services so cheap?

The reason our prices are so cheap is simple.  Retouching, in general, has been tarnished by the mainstream media as something bad and unethical.  People have bought into this propaganda and in the process of this, the whole creative & artistic side of retouching has been mostly abandoned and has become something to be ashamed of.

Marketing executives with big budgets in advertising agencies still use retouching services every day to market products & services to the general public regardless of the propaganda surrounded retouching.  We are changing this by giving anyone who needs high-end creative retouching, whether, for personal or business use, we want everyone to have access to hi-end retouching at a price everybody can afford.

Can I convert any Image into a Premium Animated GIF?

Yes, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve taken a photo with a smart-phone or a DSLR camera we can convert your image into a Premium Animated GIF

Do I still own the copyright for my retouched images?

Yes, you still own all to the copyrights to the images you send us, we are simply a service created to enhance images that you own.

Is there any types of images you don't retouch?

Yes, we don’t retouch pornographic images or images containing extreme violence.

What if I can't find the service I want in Retouching Central's store?

If you can’t find the service you want in our store then you may need to use our bespoke retouching service, with this service you can tell us exactly what you need to be created, as you can appreciate this service cost a little bit more, simply because it takes a little bit more time.

Will all my orders be delivered in 24 hours everytime?

The short anwer is Yes.  We guarantee every order will always be delivered to your account in 24 hours, from the time you place your order, quite often it can be delivered to your account even in a few hours after you’ve purchased your order.

How do I download my final retouched images?

Downloading your final retouched images is straight forward, you will recieve an email to let you know your completed images are ready for you to download from your account.  Simply login to your account and you will see a log of all your downloadable images, simply click the download button and your images will start downloading onto your device.

How will I be notified when my images are ready for me to download?

As soon as your completed retouched images are ready, they will be place onto your account, in the download section of your ‘My Account’ page.  As this happens, you will recieve an email notification in your inbox, letting you know that your images are ready for download.

How many images can I upload at one time?

There is no limit to the amount of images you can upload to Retouching Central, if you have a massive amount of images that you feel will take too long to upload, then contact our support team for other solutions.

What formats for images can I upload?

you can upload all formats to Retouching Central including JPEG, PNG, DNG, GIF, RAW, TIFF, ARW, CR2, NEF, CIFF, ORF, RAF, HEIF / HEVC, etc.  If you have any problems uploading your chosen format to retoucing central contact our support team for assistance.

What devices can I use to upload my images?

You can upload images to Retouching Central from your MAC, PC, Mobile phone or Tablet.

I'm not very techincal, will I still be able to use this website?

Yes, we’ve deliberately made Retouching Central user-friendly and easy to use. For more information click here

Can I get assistance when I'm using this website?

Yes, our support team are available 24 hours a day and will help with all your enquiries.  For even faster assistance you can talk to us instantly with our live chat support.

Do my images need to be any specific sizes for retouching?

No specific sizes are requied to use Retouching Central’s retouching services, but we recommend uploading the best quality versions you have of the images you want to be retouched.

What hours is Retouching Central support available from?

Our support team are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Can I get instant support if I'm not happy with my retouched images?

Yes, if you are not completely happy with your final retouched images, then our support team want to hear from you.  Simply go to our support page and open a ticket stating clearly what you would like to have rectified and we’ll get to work fixing the issues you have with your retouched images.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of photo retouching, our staff will spend time working on your images immediately after you make your purchase.  Once the work has commenced, we feel that these are working hours that cannot be recompensed, so, for this reason, we don’t offer refunds on retouching work but we won’t leave you with retouched images you’re unhappy with.  We offer all clients a reasonable amount of requests to have us re-edit their retouched images in the unfortunate case that you’re unhappy with the initial retouched images you receive.  Simply make a request through our 24-hour support system.

However, we do offer full refunds on our ‘Customised Merchandise‘ products if the product you receive is unsatisfactory or damaged in the post.

How many times can I request a re-edit of my retouched images?

We want you to be happy with your final images, we feel that is fair that every user of Retouching Central has a maximum of 3 requests to re-edit their retouched images.

Is the printing service available for all your retouching services?

Our printing services are available for all our services except Premium Animated GIFs because animated GIFs are moving images, although if you really like the animated GIF enough to create a print from it, contact our support team and we can have this arranged for you.

How will I receive my printed images?

Your printed images will be delivered to you in 2/3 days via first class Royal Mail postal service.

Can I choose what size I want my printed images to be?

Yes, you can choose from a range of different print sizes we provide and you can also choose a gloss or matt finish for your printed images.  For more information click here

Will my images be kept private?

Yes, your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.  We take your privacy very seriously, we are GDPR compliant and we will not share your information with any third parties whatsoever.

Are my retouched images on my account password protected?

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Can I have my personal details deleted from Retouching Central if I choose to?

Yes, we are GDPR compliant and you can place a ‘Request to be forgotten’ request, anytime you choose to.  Just let us know and all your details will be deleted from our system.

What is the Retouching Central Wallet system?

Retouching Central Wallet system behaves as an online payment gateway, so a buyer can purchase products & services from the Retouching Central store by using their wallets available amount.  You can topup or add money to your wallet anytime you choose.

Can I withdraw or transfer my money from my accounts wallet?

Yes, all wallet users can withdraw their Wallet balance to their bank and other digital accounts like PayPal, Stripe etc.

Can I transfer my gift vouchers to my wallet?

No, but if you use our gift vouchers on any of our services and their is still some money left on the vouchers after you’ve purchased your desired services, then we will transfer the unused monies to your wallet for your future use.