Digital & Social Media Marketing

Digital & Social Media Marketing


Digital & Social Media Marketing includes every type of marketing that uses digital devices, from social media posts to search engine optimization to video content, to website email newsletters. it’s all classed as digital marketing.

Currently, it’s used to sell everything you see online, both services and products.  At Retouching Central we feel that every business should to have some form of digital marketing strategy in place to promote their brand online, with the key aim of finding more customers daily.

The problem is, your brand needs to stand out from the online crowd and this can be expensive.  The bottom line is, nobody can be sure which digital marketing strategy is going to work for their business, because the only real way to find out, is to try and see.

We believe we can help you cut down the costs with your social media and digital marketing strategy by providing you with high-end images that you would typically see in hi-end marketing campaigns at a price everybody can afford.

Quite often high-quality images involve expensive photography and graphic designers daily rates which most small businesses don’t really want to spend money on without a guaranteed ROI

The thing is if you don’t invest in social media and digital marketing you will never know your online audience or market share and let’s face it, your existing competitors and young start-up competitors are gaining YOUR market share right now, as your reading this.  We know this can be very frustrating to know your business could be gaining new customers or building deeper relationships with existing customers.

For these reasons, we want to make high-quality images & content for marketing purposes accessible to everyone, from small business to large corporations to self-employed individuals while keeping the costs down.

With our photo editing services, we can create hi-end images quickly and regularly that will make your product or service totally stand out from the crowd and keep you staying ahead on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google ads, websites, etc.

We’ve created a special service for customers who need help with their Digital & Social Media Marketing.  All you need is a photograph and your logo and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Our Creative Team

Jessica – Retoucher

--- Image Editor ---
Jessica is a Graphic Designer who specializes in Compositing & Background Removal services

Melissa – Illustrator

--- Illustrator & Image Editor ---
Melissa formerly was a storyboard artist but nowadays she enjoys photography retouching

Sienna – Designer

--- Designer & Photographer ---
Sienna is a photographer and Graphic Designer, she specializes in creating amazing personalized animated GIFs

Danny – Retoucher

--- Image Editor ---
Danny is an incredibly creative Graphic Designer who specializes in High-End retouching.

Daniella – Retoucher

--- Image Editor ---
Daniella is a top Graphic Designer who specializes in Wedding Photography Retouching services

Jonathan – Digital Artist

--- Digital Artist ---
Jonathan is a Digital Artist who specializes in product photography retouching services