Premium Animated Gifs Service

What is a Premium animated GIF?  

Animated GIFs are simply moving pictures, we can convert any of your images into animated GIFs, we just need a single photo to create an animated GIF. There are two types of animated GIFs, one is GIF video and the other is a GIF file.  Both do the same thing in different places.

GIFs can be used on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You simply upload your GIF file or video as you would a standard image and bingo you have a continuously looping image.

GIF files are primarily used for standard websites but can be used on other platforms such as WhatsApp, social media or even things such as advertisements on digital screens for marketing purposes, basically anywhere you see digital images being projected, an animated GIF file could be used instead to create a much stronger impact than a normal static image. Our Premium animated GIFs service will grab your viewers curiosity and attention for a lot longer, this is what marketing is all about.

An animated GIF file can be treated just the same as a jpg or png file with the only difference being that the GIF file is animated.  GIF files do not have a stop or start button they just continuously loop on their own accord.  At Retouching Central we only make premium GIFs.  Premium GIFs have a much higher quality than normal GIFs and we can create them for you with your own images. Simply upload your images and leave the rest to us.

When you place an order on Retouching Central’s website for any of our animated GIF services, once we’ve created your animated GIF you will receive two GIFs, one copy of both types of animated GIFs,  both files will be 400 by 400 pixels so you will be able to use your new premium animated GIFs anywhere you choose.