Ghost Mannequin Retouching Service

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Quick Overview

Our professional Ghost Mannequin Retouching Service requires a lot of attention to detail and will provide images that are of a high quality, full of life, vibrancy, and sparkle. In recent years the apparel & fashion industries have reaped huge benefits from the exponential growth of e-commerce.  The online fashion industry of today is one of the biggest growth sectors in the world.

Our post-production processing is designed to make products image look as professional as possible.  Our Ghost Mannequin Retouching Service technique requires you to provide us with 2-3 photographs to create the final result.

We process and carefully join the necks and hems which results in a superb finish, your product will be displayed in a prestige way with the classic 3-d effect with digital drop shadows.  Your finished images will certainly increase the sales of your e-commerce business.  Simply put, in this digital age, customers who frequently purchase clothing online rely heavily on the professional, clear, precise and accurate representation of your products online before they purchase them.

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We need your daytime phone number as we may need to contact you between office hours regarding your retouching requirements.