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Whether you like it or not sefies are here to stay!  Retouching Central embraces the selfie and see it as a form of self-empowerment when communicating to the digital world.  When it comes to retouching your selfie, it would be treated in a professional manner just like we would treat any other high end retouch with no exceptions.  We offer this service to the general public because we see so many selfies online taken with smart phones that could look so much better with our Smart Phone Selfies Retouching Service.

We offer a wide range of high end retouching processes to your smart phone selfies at a very affordable price.  We can litrally can create magic with your portraits and selfies.  Our Smart Phone Selfies Retouching Service includes adding makeup, removing pimples, reshaping your face and body, enlarging eyes, removal of any unwanted fat folds, removing wrinkles, whitening teeth, body slimming & lengthening, slimming waistline, flatening stomach, remove skin blemishes, thinning of arms, removal of unwanted tattoos, ironing out any wrinkles in your clothing, enlarge lips, object removal plus much more…

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In a survey by AOL and The Today Show, 41% of women said that selfies made them ‘feel more confident’.  Our unique Smart Phone Selfies Retouching Service is not like any other service you can find online.  In this day and age of social media being the main way people comminicate, taking selfies is a pleasurable, personal thing we love to do then acknowledge that we’re looking totally hot today then share with family and friends on the coolest social media platforms of today hoping to get more likes and a welcomed injection of self-esteem, but social media is quite of often permanant so if we’re having our images seen by hundreds, thousands, or even millions, then we most certanly want to smoothen out any noticable imperfections on our body and face.  At Retouching Central we offer high end professional retouching to your most treasured smart phone selfies by hand of course!  This by far gets much better results than retouching your selfies using phone apps you can find in the popular app stores.  A phone app simply  cannot can’t pay attention to Details and Intricacies like a humans can, modern retouching phone apps cant perform object removal like humans can thus our results in the final retouched images always superseed phone app retouching by far which often leaves the subjects skin in images looking plastic and unhuman or the subjects face not even resembling the person in real life.

At Retouching Central we’re not entirely opposed to people using phone apps for filters and generally making images look better and if they make people feel better about themselves, then more power to you, We’ve all taken random relaxed selfies and thought  ‘Great shot’ and these are the smart phone selfies that you really value or want to print, use as a social media profile picture to represent your essence.  Our experienced professional retouchers manually retouching your images with the latest highest end software and technology will always get the best results by a long shot for these types of selfies.


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