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Quick Overview

Background replacement is sometimes described as Clipping Path but our Photography Background Replacement Service is much more than just Clipping Path service.  If you need a background removed and a product placed on a solid colour background (eg: white/black background) for items such as jewelry, groups of people, food photography, electronic goods, clothing, footwear, digital equipment, etc.. We can perform these services at a professional standard with a 24 hours average turnaround time.

This procedure can include changing colors, lens blurring, creating a completely new look. Removal of unwanted objects like telephones cords, people, people photobombing, wires, pictures & posters, etc.  We will crop, rotate, enhance colors, add natural shadows, resizing, color correction, full Background replacement, colour grade, saturation adjustments, restore white balance, full-color correction, object replacement, color balance.

Our Photography Background Replacement Service can often be time-consuming and meticulous because masking around body parts such as hair, inner arms, inner legs, bags, jewelry, products, and other intricacies are always performed until perfection is achieved, but we still will have your images turned around within 24 hours.




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Our Photography Background Replacement Service is one of the most fascinating services. Our image editors carefully perform all tasks manually and digitally and the seamless final results always make people say ‘Wow!’ when viewing the finished images.  Photography Background Replacement is not a viable option available with retouching apps you’ll find in your smartphone app stores.  These applications simply cannot in no shape or form deliver the same high-quality results as a human being manually replacing the background because this service requires careful manual attention to detail in order to get the perfect seamless results.  This service is our specialty, we will perform a full background replacement or just replace specific undesired sectors of an image or objects you may request to be removed from your original image.

At Retouching Central our Photography Background Replacement has been a real lifesaver with important images for our clients when it comes to removing or replacing unwanted objects seamlessly, this in most cases has been their only serious option.  This service can be used on any type of image even selfies taken on your smartphone, we can also crop your images to any size you require for any particular social media platform you may want to use your photograph on.   If you have images for high-end productions that need to be flawlessly edited for industries such as the fashion industry, e-commerce websites, luxury magazine, creative media, production companies, portrait photography, music industry etc, understandably these industries usually have spent a lot of money on their photography and mostly need their images to be heavily manipulated then printed at a high resolution, usually in order to sell something.  Don’t worry with Retouching Central’s  Photography Background Replacement Service you’re in safe hands with our image editors and designers we will take good care of your images and deliver you seamless results every time.




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