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Quick Overview

We like to make our Head Swap Retouching Service easy, simple and straightforward and as user-friendly as possible.  If you need extra image enhancements, you will need to state this clearly what you require to be retouched in your description box when your making your purchase.

On top of our Head Swap Retouching Service, we also can remove facial skin blemishes, teeth whitening, eyes whitening, remove braces, add a solid colour background, add digital makeup, remove stray hairs, add lens flare, remove unwanted people from the background, body slimming, remove buildings.

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We need your daytime phone number as we may need to contact you between office hours regarding your retouching requirements.


Our Head Swap Retouching Service can be a  very important tool when fixing groups of people in your photographs.  There are lots of situations where the only option is to do a head swap.  Often photographers take several photographs in the same position, in these scenarios we can replace a full face or elements of each photograph in that same position skilfully edited into one photograph.  If you’re not happy with someone’s eyes looking in the wrong direction in one shot we can replace their eyes with another shot where they’re looking into the camera, or replace a baby looking unhappy around the room with a shot of the baby smiling at the camera, or someone is blinking in the photograph replaced with eyes wide open from another photograph. If your having a party we can flawlessly swap your face onto any themed images you may have for eg: movie posters, pop bands, magazine covers, uniformed professionals,  e-commerce, adverts etc.

The techniques we use for Our Head Swap Retouching Service involve careful precision and attention to detail, be sure to include a clear description when placing your order. Make it clear which heads you want to be swapped onto which body, if we’re not sure will call you to clarify this before we go ahead with the job.  We can help you get everyone looking their best with our Head Swap Retouching Service. This service only includes head swapping & matching skin tones, all images foreground and background will be colour corrected and all flaws on the skin will be retouched out seamlessly.



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