Food Photography Retouching Service

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Our Food Photography Retouching Service can involve anything you desire for your finished image. All images we retouch go through a process of colour correction, spot removal, lighting enhancement, image cropping, scale & resize.  We can also implement other processes you may desire, like adding a logo or text to your image or a complete image background replacement or specific Object Removal from the background all this plus much more can be implemented into an image at your request.

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We need your daytime phone number as we may need to contact you between office hours regarding your retouching requirements.


Here at Retouching Central we understand that our Food Photography Retouching Service is a very important part of the process of food photography, you can be rest assured that all food photography is professionally retouched, yes that’s a fact, no professional image of food photography in the public domain has not been retouched by a professional photo image retoucher.

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Photographing food can sometimes be tedious and lighting may show fingerprints, unwanted reflections, stray bits of food around the main dish of food will all need to  go through the process of our Food Photography Retouching Service


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