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Our Body Retouching Service really makes all the difference. With the state of the art software we can carefully trim your waistline, arms and legs, slightly elongate your body and legs to make you look more athletic, re-position your arms, breast enlargement or reduction, make you look more muscular, reshape chest areas, removal of unwanted folds in your clothing along with muscle enhancement toning and body contouring.

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We need your daytime phone number as we may need to contact you between office hours regarding your retouching requirements.


Our Body Slimming Retouching Service can come in handy for photos that show a few unwanted extra pounds, undesirable double chins or unwanted cellulite, which can reduce your overall image beauty.  The camera can also add extra pounds which can sometimes also reduce the overall beauty of a truly cherished image.  Body Retouching and professional reshaping processes are the answer to these types of issues in your photos. Simply put Body Retouching and Body Reshaping gives you the perfect body shape you’ve always desired in your photos.

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This services is suitable for images requiring facial contouring and slimming, full-length portraits, full-length modeling images, full body length selfies, holiday group snapshots or any images you just want retouching in this way in order to represent you and your friends in the best possible light. The price for this service was created to make our Body Retouching services be affordable for everyone.


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